Tracking within GEVME pages such as your event Landing Page, Number of clicks per button etc, can be tracked when you insert the GA and GTM number in the backend of your event. 

GEVME’s integration to Google Analytics helps you define your funnel and your drop-off rate. Firstly, you need to key in your existing Universal Analytics ID and your domain in the GEVME Event Page set-up.  This is to associate your Google Analytics account to our GEVME registration tracking. 

Here is how you can add your GA / GTM number into GEVME. 

Under 'Event Page' module, scroll down till you see 'Google Tag Manager' . 

Enter your UA number and GTM number 

Save your changes. 

For domain, if you want you track the traffic landed on the event landing page hosted on GEVME, you can add


GEVME does not generate records of the tracking, nor responsible for traffic checking, all must be done on user's side by accessing GA Dashboard. 

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