Welcome to GEVME Tutorial! 

The following video gives a guideline on how to make your handy mobile phone into an event check-in device. 

For a better viewing experience, do maximise your view by clicking on the icon and enter full screen at the right corner of the video.

The steps listed in the video: 

1. On your phone browser,  to login to your account via www.gevme.com

2. Go to "Onsite" Tab

3. Go to "Check-In Attendee" 

4. Click on "Gear" icon to select your back camera.

5. Click on "Rocket" Mode and you are all set

Using Rocket Mode, you will be scanning and checking in the attendees simultaneously. 

Do not use "Scan QR" located next to the Rocket Icon; as it will only scan, but not check in the attendees. 

By using this "Scan QR", you will require to perform 2 steps process - Scan and Check-in