An Introduction

GEVME is a platform that provides you with the tools to manage your events effectively. GEVME’s mission is to help and enable you organise great events easily. At the base though, managing events is all about managing people and their data. From that perspective, at its very core, GEVME is all about your contacts and their data. 

This is the foundation of the platform on which everything else (modules, features, apps etc.) then stands and is built upon. In that regards, at its core, GEVME is very similar to a CRM (but is definitely not a full-fledged CRM software). Consequently, having the right setup for your databases (referred to as collections in GEVME) and understanding the key concepts and data-flow mechanisms within the system are the first things to learn about.

The subsequent articles in this section will go through a general overview of the system as well as the basic information and key concepts you need to know in order to get a good understanding of GEVME.