This article explains and outlines the high-level organization and structure of projects in GEVME.

Company and Organization

At the very top of your GEVME account is the Company. Every user who signs up for an account thus effectively creates a company. Just below the company, is an Organization, which is essentially a group of collaborators working together and sharing the events, contacts and global reports under that organization. The structure therefore, looks like this:


The collaborators are the users working together under the organization. Each collaborator can (and most usually will) have a different user role, e.g. Jim can be the Admin, Stef and Peter the Event Managers and Joe the Email Marketer. While Admins will see and have access to all the events under the organization, other users won’t necessarily, unless they are specifically given the permission to see and access the event(s).


When events are created by the collaborators, they are created and exists under the respective organization. At each event’s level, the attendees registering for your event, and their data are captured and collected.


Contacts is the central repository where the core data from your attendees across all your events are collected and stored. Think of it as your central contacts/address book. When participants register for your events, their core data are pushed to and compiled under your Contacts (or if an attendee is already a contact, their data is updated in Contacts). The email address is the field which is used to match and sync your attendees to your contacts.

Global Reports

Global Reports (as opposed to event-level reports) give you access to reports and data across all the events under the organization. From the Global Reports therefore, you can generate organization-level reports like the total payments collected across all your events.

Diagrammatically therefore, the full structure translates to this:

Multiple Organizations Under a Company

As the owner of your company, there is the possibility to have more than one organization under your company. If you are interested to know how to make this possible, click on the chat icon to contact us.