When creating an event in GEVME, you are presented with 3 options for the registration type of your event: Registration Form, Tickets and RSVP

Note that these options are offered in the Create New Event step only as a quick way to get you started with your registration. After that, you can still go in the backend and tweak the settings further if your event is Registration or Tickets. 

However, if you choose the registration type is RSVP, then it can't be changed. 

Registration Form

Choosing the Registration Form option will result in a single, free registration form for one attendee to fill in. There will be a single Register button on your event page, which upon clicking, will bring the participant to the registration page:

Side note: In the GEVME jargon, what this is effectively doing is creating a single ticket called Registration, priced at $0. To learn more about tickets, check the article Understanding Tickets.


Choosing the Tickets option on the other hand, will allow you to have multiple categories of registration (where one category is equal to one ticket), as well as having the option to add prices for each ticket, having group registration, etc. 

From the participant’s perspective it will thus be something like this:


Choosing RSVP, meaning your event will be private, only invited people will be able to access the event. You have a list of potential attendees, and you would like to capture Yes and No responses from your guests in prior to the event. Note that RSVP events cannot have paid items and merchandise.

In RSVP event, once the attendee answers Yes or No, they will be led directly to the Form (if answering Yes), and Reason for not able to join or a message of acknowledgement (If answering No). The attendee will not see the event landing page.  

Further configurations

As mentioned earlier, these 2 proposed options when creating your event (i.e. Registration Form and Tickets) are only a quick way to get you started. Once you’ve created your event, more complex registration flows can be achieved by tweaking the various settings for Forms and (especially) for Tickets through the backend.

For more details on this, check the articles Understanding Tickets and Types of Registration Displays on the Event Page.