Providing Early Bird rates to your participants is a very common practice in the events industry and a good way to promote and increase early registration. There's 2 main ways you can create early bird registration in GEVME:

  1. By creating an Early Bird ticket.
  2. By creating an Early Bird promotional code.

Early Bird Ticket

In this first method, the idea is to create a different ticket (usually with the text "Early Bird" specified in the name of the ticket) which:

  • ends at a specific date and time (essentially your early bird period).
  • is priced at a lower rate than the standard ticket price.

You could then have your standard ticket also shown on the event page, but with the sales not started yet. In that way, the participant will see the price of the standard ticket. Your tickets and registration would thus look like this on your event page:

Tip: You can also add a description for the ticket to give more information about the early bird rate. The description appears under the ticket name, as it can be seen in the image above.

Early Bird Promotional Code

The other way to allow early bird registration for your participants is by creating a promotional code which would give a discount on the standard ticket price. The main difference with this method is that here you have only 1 ticket throughout your registration period.

The steps to follow are the following:

  1. Create your standard ticket with the standard price. 
  2. Create a promotional code of the type "discount" with the following settings:

    (1) Code
    Choose "No code needed".
    With this setting, your participants will not have to insert any promo code. If you want them to insert a promo code instead, simply create a promo code and distribute it to your participants.

    (2) Discount Amount
    Insert the discount amount here.

    (3) Applies To
    Select the ticket for which you want to apply the discount.

    (4) Starts
    Choose the date and time on which you want the early bird discount to start.

    (5) Ends
    Choose the date and time on which you want the early bird discount to end.

To "advertise" your early bird rates, you could then add some text on your event page like this:

When buying a ticket, the participant will then see the discount being applied on the registration page, without having to insert any code: