The Event Page is the page from where your participants access the registration form to register for your event. Every event created in GEVME has a corresponding Event Page associated with it. As an example, an Event Page in GEVME can look like this:

Specifications of the Event Page

  • Responsive
    The Event Page is a one-page responsive site which is meant to contain the basic information about your event. It is therefore designed to be viewable on phones, tablets and other mobile devices.
  • Not Accessible in Draft Mode
    The Event Page is not accessible to the public when your event is in Draft mode (for more information on the Draft mode, see the article Statuses of an Event). To make your Event Page accessible to the public, publish your event (for more information on this, see the article Publishing an Event).

Accessing the Event Page

To access the Event Page of the event you are managing, click on the Event Page button in top right-hand corner of your screen in the backend.