The event banner appears in a vertical format on the left of your event page:


The dimensions of the banner image of Classic View should be as follows:

  1. Width: 430 px (required)
  2. Height: At least 1000 px (recommended)

Design Guidelines and Recommendations

For optimal results, when designing the banner (or cropping the picture to be used for your banner), keep the key elements and most important items of your banner in the top 700 px of the image. For instance, in the example of the banner image below, the key elements are kept in the top 700 px of the image, highlighted in red:

Note: If you use Page template, then the banner image follows different dimension. 

Banner size (width x height) of each page template in pixels:

  • Stellar banner: 1365 x 422 
  • Skye banner: 1366 x 903 
  • Gravity banner: 1366 x 725 (with overlay background) 
  • Horizon banner: 1366 x 480
  • Horizon base color: 1366 x 421
  • Galaxy banner: 1000 x 434