The Admin Form is used by the event administrator to store data for internal purposes. Fields on the Admin Form can be mapped to fields on the Attendee Form to automatically capture attendee data. 

This form is for administrative purposes only; attendees will not be able to view or interact with this form.

Using the Admin Form allows you to edit data captured by compulsory fields on the Attendee Form: simply map the relevant fields over to the Admin Form and make your edits there. 

You could also input additional attendee data using the Admin Form. Doing so will not affect the saving of data across both forms.

Best Practice: Creating Admin form

Create Admin Form is the Best Practices for your event for certain reasons: 

  • You are not advised to make changes directly to the Attendee form.  Admin form will help with updating necessary information for Attendees if required. 
  • Based on events' requirement, there are fields e.g. Carpark Allocation, Zone, Area... which should only be seen by the Admin in backend. In this case, Admin Form is the best place to store those admin's remarks. 

Customizing the Admin Form

Please follow the steps below to customize the Admin Form.

1. Click on Forms in the main left-hand navigation:

2. On the Forms screen, select the Admin Form to enable and save it.

Click on the Customize link to edit the fields on the Admin Form:

3. This will bring you to the form builder:

To create the mapping between fields on the Admin Form and fields on the Attendee Form, ensure that the “FIELD NAME” for each field are the same in both forms.

For more information on how to use the form builder, please see Using the Form Builder.

In the Attendee Sheet, you will be able to find data from both the Attendee Form and the Admin Form. In the example above, the “Remarks” field is created in the Admin Form and is for internal use only.

Any changes that are make to the fields that are mapped to the Attendee Form, the data will be updated accordingly across both forms and be reflected on the Attendee Sheet.