The form builder in GEVME is used to customize the various forms which are used throughout the system. To be able to build great forms, it is therefore important that you understand how the form builder works and how to use it.

For more information on the various forms in GEVME and how to launch the form builder to customize them, see the article Forms in GEVME.

Interface Overview

Once you launch the form builder for the respective form which you want to customize, you will be presented with its interface which looks like the screenshot below, and which is divided into 3 main vertical portions:

  1. Fields selection
    Column 1 on the left contains the fields which you can pick to build your form.
  2. The actual fields in your form
    Column 2 in the middle contains the actual fields which are in your form.
  3. Selected field settings
    Column 3 on the right shows the settings of the selected field. Click on a field in the middle column to show its settings here on the right.