The fields which you can pick and select to build your form are categorized into 2 types and under 2 tabs in the first column on the left:

1. Predefined Fields

Predefined fields are fields which we have preconfigured for your convenience and ease of use. For example, we've built predefined fields like Gender, Birth Date, Cell Phone, etc. which you can just turn on and off. You can of course customise the fields further and change their labels for example.

Syncing of predefined fields:

The other big advantage of using predefined fields is that they are consistent throughout your forms and thus sync the data from one collection to another. For example, if you have the Company field turned on in your Attendee form and the Company field turned on in your Contacts form as well, once an attendee registers for your event, a corresponding record for them will be created in your Contacts collection with the corresponding Company value filled in. This is referred to as data syncing and is achieved by having the same field name for the Company field in both forms.

Some notes on predefined fields:

  1. The First Name, Last Name and Email Predefined fields are compulsory in all GEVME forms and cannot be removed.
  2. A predefined field can be used only once on each form.

2. Customized Fields

Customized fields are generic fields which you can use to build any type of field for your specific needs. They are basically like blank slates that you can customize for your use. If you don't find the relevant field for your case under the predefined fields, build your own using a customized field.

Some notes on customized fields:

  1. Customized fields can be used as many times as you want on the same form, as long as their Field names are unique.
  2. The data syncing method described above for predefined fields can also be achieved with customized fields by making use of the field names. For more information on this, check the article Syncing Fields Across GEVME.
  3. For the field options of the following field types: Checkbox, Radio Button & Dropdown, it is possible to show a particular text on Registration form and save another text to the Attendee record by separating the 2 with a pipe (|) character.
    For example:
  4. On a single-select dropdown field, if require text wrap of the options text, it can be achieved by enabling the choice to 'Allow search'.