Some fields can have the option to allow dependent fields under them. This means that depending on the value of the main field, another field can be set to show (or not). However, GEVME allows only second dependent field, meaning you can have 1 question and 1 dependent field tagged to it, but that dependent field cannot have another dependent field. 

Fields which can allow dependent fields are:

  1. Radio buttons
  2. Checkboxes
  3. Dropdowns

The steps to create a dependent field are as follows:

1. Add a dropdown field to your form with following settings:

(1) Field label: How did you hear about us?
(2) Choices: Online Search, Newspaper, TV/Radio, Word of mouth

2. Select the dropdown field you just created by clicking on it.

3. Under the dropdown field's settings on the right, under Dependent fields, check the box for Allow dependent fields.

This will create a dotted placeholder for the dependent field, just below the dropdown field.

4. Click on the dotted placeholder to select it (it will be highlighted in yellow to show that it's selected).

5. With the dotted placeholder still selected, click on the field which you want to appear as a dependent field by choosing one in the leftmost column.

In our case, we will select a Single line text field.

6. This will create a Single line text field as a dependent field, as shown in the image below.

7. Change the following settings of the dependent field:

(1) For the value of "Show this field if value of How did you hear about us? is" choose Newspaper.

(2) For the value of the field label, insert "Which newspaper?"

8. This will result into the setup as shown below, where the field Which newspaper?will appear if the participant chooses Newspaper in the dropdown for How did you hear about us?