This article explains the main components of a report.

1. Report Category

At the very top are the report categories in the form of tabs. Click on a tab to load the report(s) under that category.

2. Report Name

Below the report category is the name of the report that you are currently viewing. In the screenshot above, the report name is All Tickets.

3. Report Toolbar

The report toolbar consists of the following buttons:

  1. Export
  2. Refresh
  3. Prev / Next page
  4. Report settings

4. Quick Filter

The quick filter is used to perform a quick and temporary filter on the report. For more information on the quick filter, see the article Filtering a report.

5. Sorted Column

The column based on which the report is sorted is highlighted in green. Clicking consecutively on the column header will toggle the sort sequence from ascending, descending and finally not sorted.

6. Report aggregation

The aggregations are shown as per the report settings.

7. Report Settings

The report can be customized using the following report settings: