There are 2 ways to filter a report:

1. Through the quick filter:

This method is explained in detail in this article.

2. Through the report settings:

This method is explained in detail under the article Customizing a Report.

Applying a quick filter

The quick filter is used as a quick and temporary way to filter a report (temporary in the sense that the filter is not saved in the report. That means that if the report is refreshed or the page is refreshed, the filter will no longer be applied).

To apply a quick filter to a report:

1. Choose the column which you want to filter from the first dropdown. 

2. Select the operator (that you want to apply on the chosen column) from the second dropdown.

Note: Based on the column chosen in the previous step the operator available in the dropdown will vary. 

3. Enter a value in the last textbox. 

4. Click on the Apply button. 

5. This will result in the filter being applied on the report, based on the settings and values entered. To show that a quick filter is being applied, the quick filter bar will be highlighted in light green:

Clearing a quick filter

To clear the quick filter, simply click on the cancel button in the quick filter bar: