To send an email through the Composer, follow the following steps:

1. Go to the grid which contains the recipient(s) whom you want to email, e.g. Attendees.

2. Once at the grid, select your recipient(s) by checking their corresponding box(es) in the very first column of the grid. The selected records will be highlighted in blue.

3. Click on the Email button in the grid's action bar.

4. This will open up the Composer.

From here, you can straightaway start writing your email in the blank area in the middle of the composer, or you could alternatively load and use an existing template (explained further below).

5. From:

This is the name and email which will appear in the "From:" field when the recipient(s) receive your email. There are 2 options in the dropdown for the From value:

(1) The first option is the name and email as set in the organizer profile.

(2) The second option is the name and email of the logged-in GEVME user.

Note: Only whitelisted email domains will show in the "From:" field when the participant receives your email. If your email domain is not whitelisted by GEVME, the generic GEVME email address will show as being the "From:" email instead. As an example based on the above image, if the user chooses The Event Box <> as the From name and email, and is not a whitelisted email domain, then when the participant receives the email, it will appear as From: The Event Box <>.

6. To:
These are the recipients of your email (the records which you selected in the grid previously).

7. Subject:
The subject of your email.

8. Cc & Bcc
Click Cc / Bcc to add carbon copy recipients of your email.

9. Use a template
This is a very useful feature which will probably come in handy very frequently. Click this to load and use an existing template. For example, if you want to send the confirmation email to the recipients, load the Order/Registration Confirmation template.

10. Live merge preview
Click this to have a live preview of your email, with the actual content and text which will appear in your email, including personalisation tags.

11. Attach Files
Click the Attach Files button to attach your own file to the email. Alternatively, click on the down arrow button to attach the respective recipient's ticket to the email.

12. Send
When you are ready, click the green Send button to send out your email.