These are the main components of the grid (Note: The Attendees grid is used as example here):

1. List Selector

The List Selector defines the records that show in the grid. By default, the selected list in the List Selector will be the All Attendees list (or All Invitees, or All Orders list, etc. depending on which grid you are managing). Clicking on the dropdown arrow will then allow you to switch to other lists and load the records under those lists:

2. General Search Box

The General Search Box allows you to search across all the columns of all your records.

3. Action Bar

The grid's Action Bar contains the buttons representing the various possible actions on the grid, e.g. creating a new record, exporting the records, etc.

The action bar is also contextual, i.e. different buttons will appear under different context, and when a record a selected, the possible actions on the record will also appear in the action bar, e.g.:

4. Column Search Box

The Column Search Box allows you to search through a specific column only. Depending on the type of the data in the column being searched, the search options will be different, e.g. for a dropdown or checkbox type, the options in the search box will be like this:

5. All Records Selector

Checking the All Records Selector checkbox will select all the records on the current page.

6. Individual Record Selector

Check the Individual Record Selector checkbox to select a single record.