Static Lists are segments where you can assign a record to this segment. This is similar to the concept of folders (segments) and files (record) but with an added bonus: you can assign a record to more than one static list.

To assign a record(s) to a static list, simply select the record(s), and the toolbar menu for "Lists" will appear. Click on it, and assign to the list(s) that you want:

Assigning a Record(s) to a Static List

To assign one or more records to a static list:

  1. Select the record(s) in the grid.
  2. Click on the Lists button which appears in the action toolbar.

3. In the dropdown which appears, select the list(s) to which you want to add the record(s) and click on the Save button.


  1. You can click on Create List in the dropdown to create a new static list on the spot.
  2. You can assign the selected record(s) to multiple lists at the same time.

Accessing Your Static Lists

To access your static lists, click on the list selector dropdown in the top left hand corner of the grid you are currently managing, then click on the static list which you want to load in the grid.

Once selected, the list will be loaded in the grid, with the name of the list in the list selector and the number of records under the list displayed at the top of the grid. For example, in the screenshot below, the static list VIP, which contains 5 records, is currently selected and loaded in the grid.

Searching Under a Static List

Doing a search while a list is loaded will perform the search under that list only. For example, with the VIP list loaded, you could search for attendees which are female only. The results will look like this:

If at that point you decide to search across the whole grid instead (and not only the selected list), click on the Search across all attendees instead.