Smart Lists are filters, or searches, used to create a list or segment. Smart lists therefore, are updated real-time upon the contact/attendee/orders fulfilling the search criteria. In that sense, smart lists can be considered as being "saved searches" which, at any point in time, consists of the records which match the criteria of the search.

Creating a Smart List

To create a Smart List, simply start by doing a search. For example, to create a smart list of Attendees who bought a ticket called "Standard A":

  1. Search the Ticket column for "Standard A". 
  2. Once the search is performed, click on the Save search as smart list at the top of the grid.

3. Enter a name for the smart list in the popup which appears and your smart list will be saved.
4. Thus, if the following day there are more people who buy the Standard A ticket, they will be automatically added to the list.

Accessing Your Smart Lists

To access your smart lists, click on the list selector dropdown in the top left hand corner of the grid you are currently managing, then click on the smart list which you want to load in the grid.

Once the smart list is selected, the search criteria of the smart list will be applied, and the records matching the search criteria will be loaded.

Searching Under a Smart List

It is still possible for you to do another search while under a smart list. For example, with the Ticket - Standard A smart list loaded, you could search for participants who are male under that list. The result will look like this:

At this point, you can then either update the current smart list, or save the result as a new smart list.