Gevme allows you to record offline payment that you receive from your participants, e.g. if they send you payment by cheque or by bank transfer. To record reception of an offline payment, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Orders in the left hand navigation:

2. Under the Orders screen, click on the order for which you want to receive payment.

Tip: You can search for the order by searching for the name or email address of the participant who sent you the payment.

3. This will open up the Order Details screen for that order:

As it can be seen in the screen above, this order's payment status is pending, the total amount for the order is $200.00 and the outstanding amount is $200.00.

All these details can be seen in the box on the right:

4. Click on the Transaction button in the toolbar, then on Receive Payment in the dropdown which appears:

5. This will open up the New Transaction - Payment popup:

Following is an explanation of each option:

  1. Date
    This is the date on which the payment was received.
  2. Payment Method
    This is the method used by the participant to send you the payment. The options are:

  1. Cheque
  2. Bank Transfer
  3. Cash
  4. At the Event
  5. Paypal
  6. Offline Credit Card
  7. Other Payment 

  3. Amount
Key in the amount received here. By default, the full amount will be entered in the box, but you can edit it accordingly. If you key in the full amount, the status of the order will be marked as Complete. If you key in an amount which is less than the outstanding amount, the status of the order will be marked as partial.

4. Description
Add some information for your own record here (this is optional). For example, if the payment method is cheque, you could key in the cheque number here, or if payment was made through bank transfer, you could key in the transaction number.

  5. Printout Note
This option allows you to specify a note which will be shown on the transaction printout. This also is optional.

  6. Submit
To record and confirm the reception of the payment, click on the green Submit button.

6. If full payment was received, a popup will appear asking if you would like to send a confirmation email to the ticket buyer and attendee(s):

Click Send if you would like to send out the confirmation email(s) or click on Don't send if you would not like to it at this point in time.

7. Once the payment reception transaction is recorded, the Order Details screen will be updated accordingly:

  1. The status of the order will be updated and marked as Completed (if full payment was received).
  2. The transaction will be recorded under the Transactions tab, as shown above.