To send a reminder to a buyer to pay, follow these steps:

1. Create an Email Template Containing a Payment Link

    1.Click on Templates (under Emails) in the left-hand navigation.

    2. Under the Templates screen, click on the Create new template button.

    3. This will open up the template builder:

        Fill in the following:

  1. "Your template name..."
    Key in a name for your template here, e.g. Reminder Template.
  2. Subject
    Key in the subject for your email here, e.g. Gentle reminder to make payment.

    4. Click on the green Add content button.

    5. In the widgets selector that appears, click on the Text widget, then on Text again in the dropdown:

    6. This will add a text widget block which looks like the following:

    7. Hover over the text block and click on the edit icon represented by the pen icon. This will bring the text block into edit mode:

    8. Edit the text to something like the following, with the most important part being the payment link:

Tip: You can insert the payment link by clicking on the Insert button in the toolbar of the text widget, then Payment Link in the dropdown:

Note: This is just a simple example for the purpose of this article. For more detailed information on how to use the email widgets and to build your email content, please check the article Using the Email Builder.


    9. Click on the green Save changes in the top right-hand corner of the screen to save your template.

2. Select the Orders from the Orders Grid

From the Orders grid, select the order(s) for which you want to remind the buyer(s) to pay.

3. Launch the Composer

Click on the Email button in the grid's toolbar to launch the composer.

4. Load the Template

  1. In the composer, click on the Use a template button, then select the reminder template that you created earlier.

    2. This will load the template into the composer.

5. Send the Email

Click on the green Send button in the bottom right-hand corner of the composer.