An enhancement was made to Promo Code Module. Users are able to apply more dynamic settings. 

There are two types of Promo Codes available in this module:

  1. Registration
  2. Survey Access

To create a promotional code:

1. Click on Promotional Codes on the left-hand navigation:

2. On the Promotional Codes screen, click on "+ New".

3. You will be presented with this screen:

Code Type: 


Discount codes are used to apply discounts to specific tickets when activated.

Registration access codes are used to reveal hidden tickets when activated.

Survey Access
A survey access code is used to access private surveys.


You can create your own passcode or have the system generate a code for you. 

Select "No code needed" if you wish to have the promotion is applied automatically.

Multiple code creation is available here as well. 

Discount Amount
Type of discounts

  • Exact Amount
  • Percentage
  • Price Overwrite

Discount Applies If
Enable the criteria function so the discount will only work if the criteria is met.

Discount Applies To
Select which tickets will receive this discount. The tickets can be visible or invisible. 

Reveal Hidden Tickets

To grant select users access to hidden/invisible tickets.

Simply create the promo code and select the relevant hidden tickets here.

Internal use to describe the discount code.

Number of Uses
Specify if the promotional code has unlimited or limited uses.

Start / End
Determine the Start-End date of the promotional code.

Direct link with Promotional Code
This is a direct link to your event page, with the promotional code already activated.