Under the Promotional Codes module, you have the option to choose a type for the code. There's two main types of code: Discount and Access.

Under Access, you have the two following options:

  1. Registration Access
    This type of code can be used to give access to the hidden tickets with optional discount.
  2. Survey Access
    This type of code can be used to give access to private surveys

Registration Access

Create hidden tickets that need a specific code to access. This can be a VIP ticket that is available for selected people only.

  1. Select Registration Access under Code Type.

        2. Code: Key in your desired code or generate a code from the system.

You can create multiple promotion codes as well. Key in your desired codes (one by one) and separate them by commas / lines, or simply generate the codes from the system. You can have up to 3,000 codes.

        3. If there is no “Discount Amount” included in the Promo Code, remove this section by clicking the Bin icon. 

        4. Select the hidden ticket to apply this access code to.

        5. Determine the number of uses for the promotional code

        6. You can either provide the Promotional Code or Promotional Code URL to your users.

Survey Access

The “Survey Access” will control the access to the survey landing page and survey form and will be a simplified version of the Registration Access Code


  1. Select Code Type: Select ‘Survey Access’ to generate the token for your Survey. 
  2. Choose a Survey: to specify which Survey that you wished to set an Access token. 
  3. Code: Create your own preferred Code or Generate a random values. 

You are also able to Set the Start and End Date:

   4. Start date and time : The date and time at which the code is active and valid.

   5. End date and time : The date and time after which the code no longer valid.

   6. Direct link with code: You can either provide the Survey Access code or URL