GEVME Onsite Suite refers to the onsite event functionalities provided by GEVME platform. These are the following components that make up the Onsite suite of apps: 

1. Web Check-In

The Web App is a browser-based backend application that allows users to:

a. Configure Onsite settings for each event
b. Through the Web Check-in component:

  1. Check-in attendees
  2. Create new attendee
  3. Edit attendee
  4. Print name badge
  5. Receive payment

For self-check-in without printing, you can arrange your own laptops to facilitate the check-in process.
With printing, the counter set with Laptop & Printer is an option

2. Kiosk Check-In

The Android App has the offline capability and which, in a nutshell, allows attendees to be checked in, registered, and name badges printed. 

a. Configure Onsite and Printing settings for each event
b. Through the Kiosk:

  • Check-in attendees
  • Create new attendee
  • Edit attendee
  • Print name badge

Looking for self-service kiosk for badge / sticker printing, Model S and T

3. Phone Check-In

On-the-Go Attendance Taking concept. To convert your handy mobile phone to a check-in device. 

Using your mobile phone to scan the QR code on the attendee's ticket. 

  • Check-in
  • Uncheck-in

4. Others

Print Server: to provide printing functionality & is linked to all the above.