Access to "Check-in Attendees"

There are 2 ways to access to "Check-In Attendees" features

  1. Backend Access via Onsite
  2. Quick Link

Backend Access via Onsite

The web check-in feature can be accessed by heading to the ‘Onsite’ page on GEVME (left vertical menu) and clicking on the “Check-in Attendees” button.

Quick Link

The web check-in feature can also be accessed by adding the string /kiosk at the end of the URL.

a. Head over to the event’s home page.

b. Then, add in /kiosk at the end of the URL on your browser like so...

How to check-in Attendees

Once you are in this view, you are able to search for Attendee by name or email; then check them in by clicking on "Check-In" and the check-in timestamp will be captured in the Attendee Grid. 

To verify the check-in time:

- Go to Attendee Grid

- Click on the gear icon, tick on "Check In Time"

- Click Apply

The column will be made visible in the Attendee Grid and you will be able to verify the Check In Time of your attendees.