GEVME Kiosk-T Set-up

The Model T Kiosk is provided on a rental basis. It is an integrated kiosk that is lightweight and more compact

in size. It is meant to be placed on a tabletop to be used. It consists of the following built-in components:

  1. QR code scanner
  2. 15.5 inch vertical screen
  3. Receipt printer
  4. Wireless & LAN networking

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Prepare the Kiosk for attendees check-in

The following video gives a guideline on how to set a GEVME Kiosk and check-in attendees at your end. 

For a better viewing experience, do maximise your view by clicking on the icon and enter the full screen at the right corner of the video.

In this demo, it is setting up with Brother printer, USB connection type and W62RB paper size.

The steps listed in the video: 

1. Ensure the power supply is connected to both the GEVME kiosk and the label printer. 

2. Connect the USB cable from the label printer to one of the ports on the GEVME kiosk.

3. Turn on the GEVME kiosk and the label printer.

4. Connect the device to the available internet.

5. Login to your GEVME account and select the Event that you are going to use. 

6. Setting up the Printer

  • Press on the 3 dots on the top right. In the dropdown, select "Printing"
  • Select Printer Type "Brother"
  • Select Connection Type "USB"
  • Click "Scan Printer" and select the printer name
  • Select Paper Size W62RB
  • Select the desired template to be used
  • Tick on 3 checkboxes
  • Click on Save Settings


Go to Scanner Mode by pressing on the 3 dots on the top right. In the dropdown, select "Scanner Mode"

In this mode, your attendees can scan their QR codes and check in to the events.

Manual Search

If the attendees did not bring along the QR codes, the kiosk staff can exit the scanning mode and go to the attendee list to search and check in the attendees. 

To exit Scanner Mode, simply place 5 fingers on the screen and you would see a pop-up box appear asking you if you would want to leave the scanner mode. Click ok and it would take you back to the attendee list. In this view, then the kiosk staff can search for the name, press "Check-in" for timestamp and press "Print" for badge printing. 

Check-in Scenarios

Successful Check-In

This image will be shown after a successful check-in has occurred. 

Duplicate Check-In

If the attendee accidentally scanned his QR code twice, this screen would appear. 

Note: There would not be any badges printed out for this case. However, you can enable it to do so at the kiosk settings.

Invalid Check-In

This screen will appear if an attendee scans a QR code that is not generated by our system or QR code does not belong to this event. Only QR Codes generated by this event will be accepted. 

Note: If it is a paid event and if an attendee registered without paying, he or she would not be issued a QR code as the payment is still pending