During events (especially conferences), there may be different sessions that happen, eg: 

  • Main conference room
  • Workshop A, happening in Room A
  • Workshop B, happening in Room B
  • Etc… 

And, it’s sometimes important to track who goes for what sessions. GEVME Onsite allows the attendance to be kept track of for such cases. 

1. Enable Session Check-In

Right under Onsite, make you that you have toggled on this function

2. Set up the Sessions

and choose which session the check-ins will apply for.

Note that once a session is selected, then all check-ins will be to that session regardless of which mode is selected: manual, scanner or kiosk mode.

3. Start scanning

Once your sessions are set up, the session will show up and you get to select the session that you wish to perform the check-in

Do ensure your door scanner selects the correct session for their device. All their scanning will be tagged to the sessions selected. 

4. Post Event Data

After the event, you wish to view the Check In Record.
Go to Attendees Tab / select Check In Time and all values will be available for your checking.