Customize your questions easily and capture the best feedback from your attendees online through target segments. Get real-time data and feedback to find out how you can do better for your next event.

To create a survey form:

1. Click on Survey in the left-hand navigation:

2. From this screen, click on the “Create new survey” button.

3. Once you create a survey, you will be presented with the following screen:

Click on the “Set up your questions” button when you are done filling up the survey details.

  • Survey Name
    Give a name to your survey.
  • Start / End Date and Time
    Set the start and end date of the survey.
  • Privacy
    Public - Choosing this setting will make the survey accessible to anybody.
    Private invitation by email - Choose this setting if you want to send a link to the survey by email using the "Take Survey" CTA button. Only users who receive the email with the link will be able to access the survey.
    Private access trough token - Choose this setting if you want to control access to the survey through a token. Only users who receive a link to the survey with the token will be able to access the survey.
  • Welcome Message
    The text displayed on the landing page of the survey.
  • Thank You Message The text is shown after the completion of the survey.
  • Text on button Change the text on the button.

4. Setup your survey questionnaire with customizable fields.

For detailed information on how to use the form builder, see the article Using the Form Builder.