To create a survey campaign:

1. Click on Campaigns in the left navigation:

2. On the Campaigns screen, click on the “Create new campaign” button at the top right-hand corner of your screen:

Once you create a campaign, you will be presented with the Campaign Creatorscreen.

The steps to setup and customize your campaign are as follows:

Your campaign name

Enter a name for your campaign where the placeholder text "Your campaign name..." appears

The campaign name is only used internally and is not shown to the recipients of the email.

Note: A campaign name is required to save the draft of your campaign at any time.

Email Builder

This portion is where you build the content of your email. You have the following options at your disposal:

1. Use a template

Click the Use a template tab if you want to load an existing template or campaign.

2. Email Settings

Click the Email Settings tab to customize the visual elements of your email, e.g. the email background colour, content background colour, content border style, etc.

3. Import HTML

Click this to import your own HTML code and load it in the email builder.

4. Add content

Click on the green Add content button to build your email from scratch through the use of the GEVME email widgets.

Note: For more detailed information on how to use the email builder, check the article Using the Email Builder.

5. Create Survey button

Click on the “Call to Action” icon and click on “Take Survey”. The survey button will be created as shown below.

To edit the button, click on the “Pencil” icon.

This is how the editor looks like.

Note: Remember to choose the correct link of Survey

Call to Action Text column

  • Text
    Change the text of the button.
  • Size
    Change the font size of the text
  • Colour
    Change the text colour.

Button column

  • Width / Height
    Width & Height of the button.
  • Colour
    Colour of the button.
  • Margin Top / Margin Bottom 
    Generate space around the text within the button.

Campaign Settings

  • From
    Sender name and email.
  • Reply-To
    Email replies will be sent to the specified email address.
  • Subject 
    Email Subject lines to be sent out for the campaign
  • Lists
    Select the list(s) to be sent to.
  • Individuals
    Specify individual email addresses to receive the campaign.
  • Add exclusion list
    To exclude a list of email addresses from receiving the survey campaign.

Do remember to save the draft and schedule the campaign when you are ready to send it out. You can find the buttons on the top right corner.