This is how Connect page looks like:

Search for Attendees

Search for attendees by Name, Job Title or Company Name.

An example of searching for a person’s name:

Communication between Attendees

To interact with another attendee who is attending the same event, click on “Message” to start the conversation.

The pop-up window looks like this:

Key in your subject and message to the attendee. Click “Send Message”, when you’re ready to send it out. An email will be sent to the attendee.

Note: Limited to 800 characters.

An example of email received by Recipient:

  1. Subject details
    The email is sent out from the event site, therefore the sender’s email address is not disclosed.
  2. Event details
    Event details of the registered event.
  3. Sender details
    Sender name, designation and company are displayed.
  4. Message from sender
    Email content from the sender to recipient.

Viewing Attendees Profile

To view attendee profile, click “View Profile”.

This is the next screen you will see:

  1. Attendee Details
    Attendee name, designation and company are displayed.
  2. Attendee Profile
    To add Attendee Profile in Connect, create “
    Bio” field in the attendee form and ensure that the field name is saved as “Bio”. 
  3. Messages
    Messages will only appear if you are the sender.