GEVME allows you to create private surveys which are accessible through a unique code. This article describes the steps to follow in order to achieve that.

Creating Your Survey

  1. Start by creating a survey with "Private Access Through Code". Under "Surveys" click on 'Create new survey' button on your top right hand corner:

        2. Select Privacy - 'Private access through code' option

       3. Click on Save.

Creating the Survey Access Code

After creating your survey, you will then have to create the corresponding "Survey Access Code(s)" to link to the survey. The “Survey Access” will control the access to the survey landing page and survey form.

Go to 'Promo Codes' and create 'New' 

Then specify the following:

  1. Select Code Type: Select ‘Survey Access’ to generate the token for your Survey. 
  2. Choose a Survey: Select the Survey that you created above.
  3. Code: Create your own preferred Code or Generate a random values. 

You are also able to Set the Start and End Date:

    4. Start date and time : The date and time at which the code is active and valid.
    5. End date and time : The date and time after which the code no longer valid.

    6. Direct link with code: This link contains the survey access coded embedded into it and will lead the user directly to the survey when they click on the link.