You are able to do the following on WALLET:

  • Edit Registration Details
  • View Registration Details
  • Download Tickets
  • View Order Details
  • Event Info – Proceed with payment if there are pending payment.
  • Add event to your calendar

Log in to WALLET from this URL:

Once you login, you will see this screen. Which displays the events that you’ve registered for.

Click on the ‘Your Ticket & Order’ button, and you will be directed to the page where you can Edit Registration Details, View Registration Details and Download your Ticket.

Click on the ‘Edit Registration details’ to edit your details.

Make the necessary changes and click on ‘Save’

Click on the “View Registration Details” to view the details of your registration. You can then “Hide” the details. 



Click on ‘Download’ on the top right hand corner, to download your Ticket. 

Next, you can view your Order details under ‘Order’ Tab.

If there is any payment involved and you’ve yet to pay, Pending Payment will be display for this Order, it will allow you to proceed with payment. Else, it displays ‘Payment complete’ hence, no further actions needed.

Additionally, you can view the details of the Order.

Click on the “Event Info” to view the event Location, event Data and time, Map, Contact the organiser details.


GEVME WALLET also allows you to add the event date to your preferred calendar.