When sending email from the Attendee or Invitee Grid, you are allowed to attach Files and tickets.  

In this article we will take example from the 'Attendee' module, which have the same steps as the 'Invitee' module Grid.

  1. Select a delegate
  2. Choose the template 
  3. Attach Document
  • Attach File
  • Attach Tickets

Select a delegate

From the 'Attendee' Module, select on the attendee that you wished to send an email to, attaching files and also tickets. 

Choose the template 

Click on email and will be prompted to this:

Attach File

Click on the 'Attach File' button to Attach your file in the email. There are few method retrieving your file which to be uploaded to the system. 

On the left hand corner indicates the various option that you can use. 

Similarly, you can also Drag your files directly from your computer library. 

Note: ZIP files cannot be uploaded as attachments.

Attach Ticket

On the other hand, Attaching Attendee Tickets, click on the Small triangle pointing down icon. 

Which it then shows 'Attach Ticket'. Click on that and the ticket get attached.