If for whatever reason you have to do a credit Adjustment for an Order, the transaction can be recorded in GEVME such that the order status can be updated accordingly and allows you to record the transaction.

To Create Credit Adjustment for a Buyer

  1. Click on Orders in the left hand navigation:

      2. Under the Orders screen, select on the order

  3. This will open up the Order Details screen for that order:

4. Click on the Transaction button in the toolbar, then on Refund in the dropdown which appears:

5. Click on 'Credit' and it will open up the New Transaction - Credit  popup. Under 'Type', select a type >> 'Adjustment'. 


This is the date on which adjustment was created.

2. Type

Select a type, in this case 'Adjustment'. 

3. Amount
Key in the amount that you want to Add here.

4. Description
Add some information for your own record here (this is optional). For example, if the payment method is cheque, you could key in the cheque number here, or if payment will be made through bank transfer, you could key in the transaction number.

5. Printout Note
This option allows you to specify a note which will be shown on the transaction printout. This also is optional.

6. Submit
To record and confirm the transaction, click on the green Submit button.