A new in-demand feature has been added into GEVME Registration in order to give Event Organizers more options in deciding how the registration process goes.

With Registration Rules, you can allow or prevent participants to register to your event based on specific criteria. 

1. Get started by clicking on the button below to create criteria. 

2. With each choice, there will be a corresponding field to continue choosing: 

3. You can choose based on the following options to create criteria:

  • A field in Attendee form

  • A field in Buyer form

  • A Contact List

  • Another event (If the field-dependent is from another event, only the "Unique" field will show in the dropdown list)

4. After choosing the criteria, a field box will appear accordingly the choice

5. The Condition for the rule will follow

You can continue to “Add another criterion” to fit with the registration requirements you have for the process. You change the logic of criteria as well, for example: (1) and (2), (1) or (2)...

6. After criteria and logic are decided, you can continue choosing the required action:

  • Can register

  • Cannot register 

7. You can edit the message, which is meant for the register if they fall into the “Cannot register” criteria: