What if, you want to show the full billing address of the buyer in the invoice/receipt/credit note/refund PDF documents?

In GEVME invoice, by default, only the first name, last name and email of the buyer will be shown on the transaction document. It will look something like this:

However, the company name of the buyer as well as the full address with postal code and country can also be shown. It will look something like this:

Follow the steps below to achieve that.

Setup Your Buyer Form

Showing First Name, Last Name and Email fields

In Buyer (as well as Attendee) Form, First Name, Last Name and Email fields are compulsory and can’t be removed. So these data will always be shown in all the transaction documents.

Showing Company and Company Address fields

Company/Company Address are predefined fields, so simply add them to your form and they will show in the transaction documents.

Showing Postal Code and Country Fields

Here’s the tricky part. If you want to show the Postal Code and Country fields in the transaction documents, you will have to follow some specific format for their field names.

For Postal Code, the field name must be billing_postal and for the Country field to show, the field name must be billing_country.

If you follow these fields name, the data will then appear in your transaction documents, e.g. here in the invoice:

Bonus Tip

If you’ve turned the buyer form off in your event, you will need to have these fields on the attendee form instead.
This is the magic in GEVME: if the buyer form is turned off, GEVME will use the attendee’s data and use it to populate the buyer data. The attendee effectively then becomes the buyer in that case. And if there are multiple attendees under one order, GEVME grabs the 1st attendee to be used as the buyer.