GEVME Wallet is an advanced feature that allows events' attendees to download their tickets, browse through their orders, payments, and other relevant event information and details.

If you are an event organiser, please refer to this article to set up GEVME Wallet. 

Below is the guide for event participants/attendees to login into their Wallet, if the event organiser allows ticket buyer to have their account. 

1. Access GEVME Wallet and add-in email address.

2. For the first time user, a notification will be provided and a request to check your email for activation.

3. Check inbox to view the Activate email, click on “Activate your account” button 

4. Creating new password for the account based on the password creation instruction:

5. After the password created, participant will be led back to sign-in page

Fill in email address and password to log into account, view the ticket



Ensure the email address you use to create a wallet, is the same as the email you register to a specific event, so that the system can identify the correct attendee. 

- An error 403 will appear if the email address are not found, for example:

- This happens when the email address from the first time login into the Wallet is not the same as the one from backend /attendee list, therefore the issue of 403 appear due to wallet was not able to find the attendee.

- The attendee can do the "forgot password" route to reset password to log into wallet again.