Global Reports (as opposed to event-level reports) give you access to reports and data across all the events under the organization. From the Global Reports therefore, you can generate organization-level reports like the total payments collected across all your events.

Diagrammatically therefore, the full structure translates to this:

If your user role allows you to view the global report, it will look like this:

Orders & Transactions

List of all the orders, transactions across your organization


List of all events within your Organisation


List of  all attendees across all the events within the Organisation. 

Please note that only Predefined Fields will appear under this report.


List of all users under this Organization


Please note that for event-level fields within Surveys to appear here, they have to be created as Predefined Fields and added to your Survey forms as Predefined Fields. 


You can create Predefined fields with the same field name to be used in all your Attendee Form, Admin Form, in order to get information at one shot in Global Report. This includes the Survey form.