Audit Log, at the moment, is applied in the Payment Module only. There will be a progressive update to have audit logs for most pages of the GEVME back-end. 

All changes made in the Settings will be captured in the Audit Log. The user may view it in the GEVME back end or export the information to .cvs format. 

Who can see this Log?

The Audit Logs page is shown to the backend User based on The User's permission. 

If you are not able to view it, please check with your administrator on your access rights. 

Where do you find this Log? 

In the GEVME back end, it is located at the bottom of the Menu Bar. There is a new page added - Audit Logs.

What information will be captured under this Log?

Changes made in Payment Settings including configuring the Payment Methods & Advanced Settings will be captured in the Log.