This module is designed to standardize the event format/design in an organisation. 

The administrator can simply set up a series of event templates that other users can select and apply for the events. 

The advantages of using event templates:

  • To save the hassle of building every event from raw assets. 
  • These pre-approved designs/templates are ready to use, a minimum quality check required by the management. 
  • The templates can be fully controlled and edited by select authorisers only.

Where are the Event Templates?

Next to "Events" where there are a list of Events (Active Events / Archived Events) that you have been working on, you now see a new page Templates (Active Templates / Archived Templates)

Who can manage the Event Templates?

Subject to your entitlement, you will have the access rights to Create / Clone / Archive or Update the Event Template. If you are not able to perform this task, please check with your administrator on your access. 

As a controller of the Event Templates, what can I do?

If you have full access to "Manage Event Templates" above, you can perform the following tasks:

1. Create New Event Template

2. To Clone Template from one to another

3. To Archive to relevant Template

4. To Update the Template by clicking on the Template name

In addition, you can also create a template from any existing events that you have. 

Under your "Event" List, simply mouse over the event name that you wish to create the template from and click on "Create a template from this event"

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