To import HTML to the Email Template, simply follow the guidelines below. 


A. Store all assets in one root folder

  • index.html (it should be correctly coded to access the images in the root folder)
  • all images

For example: 

B. The HTML content should be correctly coded with GEVME personalisation (if any). 

i.e: Dear {{invitee.firstname}} {{invitee.lastname}}

The "Insert Personalisation" field can be found under Email Template or Campaign / Add Content / Text

To check for a personalisation: 

  1. Clicking on "Insert Personalisation"
  2. Search for the relevant fields under Attendees, Buyer, Event or Invitee
  3. By selecting the field, the personalisation will be added to the email content and you can paste that value in your HTML

C. Zip it Up

Now that the HTML is coded correctly; images are placed in the same root folder; you can proceed to zip the file. 

The file size should be kept below 2MB.


Lastly, import the Zip/Template file in Emails / Campaigns

Drop the file!


Unsubscribed Link: <a href="{{unsubscribe_link}}">Unsubscribe</a>

To validate the integrity of your Zip File

At all times, your zip folder should contain only one root folder (index.html and images)

Sub-folder(s) like this in your root folder will cause the failed uploading. 

Such sub-folders are visible in Windows Device; but not iOS. 

Should your zip file uploading is not successful, do assess the folder with a Windows device.