The Model S Kiosk is provided on a rental basis. The Model S Kiosk is an integrated kiosk that provides a Touchless check-in experience for your guests, with the following components:

  1. QR code scanner
  2. 15.5 inch vertical screen
  3. Badge printer
  4. Wireless & LAN networking

Wonder how the event badge looks like, check out the guide here.

Branding Opportunities

Model S Kiosks can be fully branded using magnetic stickers. With the full specifications of the stickers, you can then brand them to your needs. 

For more information on our onsite service and equipment, please connect with our Sales Team via

Background Image of Check-In Screen

The file can be uploaded in the backend under Onsite / Background Image

Size: 1080 x 1920 px


Check this article for some inspiration on how your background image should be designed - Model S - Background Image

Check-in Scenarios

Succesful Check-In

This image will be shown after a successful check-in has occurred. 

Duplicate Check-In

If the attendee accidentally scanned his QR Code twice, this screen would appear. 

Note: There would not be any badges printed in this case. However, you can enable it to do so at the kiosk settings

Invalid Check-In

The screen will appear if an attendee scans a QR Code that is not generated by our system or QR Code does not belong to this event. Only QR Codes generates by this event will be accepted. 

Note: If it is a paid event and if an attendee did not complete the payment; he or she would not be issued a QR Code.