If you are the admin of the organisation and keen on enforcing consistency in all event settings, this can be an option for you. 


- We highly encourage you to check with your end-user their uses. Once the restriction is applied, it will be enforced across all events in an organisation. There will not be an exception. 

- Submit your change request to cs.reg@gevme.com 

- Once GEVME confirms the date of the implementation, please brief your GEVME users on the organisation changes prior to the date. 


1. Event Details

Make Event End Date and Time a compulsory field.

Remove "This event is continuous and has no dates" option. 


This change will be applied across all events in the organisation; therefore, for past and ongoing events without End Date and Time, the system will set a default value: 

  • End Date: the same value as Start Date
  • End Time: 23:59

2. Ticket Details

Restrict the Event Capacity editing and set it as Read-Only. 

The event capacity is the sum of all ticket's quantities and it is auto-populated. 

Note: Once this restriction is applied, the event tickets can only be sold per Ticket Quantity. Please find the elaboration below to understand the impact of this restriction. 

Ticket Sold Per Ticket Quantity [Enable]

Event Capacity: 20

Ticket A: 10
Ticket B: 10

Once the Event Capacity is set as Read-Only, the organiser can only sell as per Ticket Quantity. 
Ticket Sold Per Event Capacity [Disable]

Event Capacity: 20

Ticket A: 20
Ticket B: 20

The organiser has the flexibility to sell as many Ticket A or Ticket B as possible; once the Event Capacity reaches, the ticket sales are ended.

3. Pre-Approval of Tax and Payment Settings

If the organisation admin and Finance wish to have full control over Tax and Payment Methods Settings, no other users allow accessing the features and making changes. This can be a solution for you. 

You can pre-set the Tax and Payment Methods in an Event Template or an Event and have them pre-approved upon publishing the Event.

Once the users create their new events following these 2 methods; the pre-approval will be applied. 

- Use an Event Template

- Clone an Event