Starting from January 4th at 10 PM SGT, the Gevme API will implement enhancements to the default behavior when confirming a cart. The changes include:

Buyer Form Field Validation

All required fields must be submitted in the correct format.

Validation of field choice selection, ensuring submitted values for choice fields (Radio Button/Checkboxes) match the defined choice values.

Date format validation for accepted formats: MM/DD/YY and YYYY-MM-DD.

Affected Endpoint

Confirm Cart

Endpoint: {{API_HOST}}/services/events/{{EVENT_ID}}/registration/carts/{{CART_ID}}/confirm

Impact of Change

Users not validating the request body before submitting it to the Gevme API may experience failed requests due to validation issues.


It is advised to validate data submitted to the API in line with form definitions.

Exceptions may exist where validation checks via API are unnecessary. Users can skip default validations by using the SkipValidation parameter.

Adding SkipValidation = true will skip the form validation.

Adding SkipValidation = false will perform the validation. (Default action)


To skip the validation put the value as true




        "buyer": {

            "firstname": "Jon",

            "lastname": "doe",

            "email": "",



        "doNotSendAutoEmail": "1",

        "attendee": [






            "email": ""