What is Gevme Pay?

The Gevme payment gateway option allows you to use Gevme's own payment gateway for your online payment in case you don't have an account set up with any of the other gateways listed in the platform. There is an admin charge for using the Gevme payment gateway. 

With Gevme Pay, Gevme is collecting the registration fee on your behalf. Gevme's Finance then will arrange the payouts to you.

To set up the Gevme payment gateway, please follow the steps below:

- Go to Payment Module / Select Add a Payment Method

- Choose GEVME from the Payment Gateway dropdown

- Under Merchant ID, Select the currency you want to use from the dropdown

- Under Edit Payout Account Details, please fill up your preference (Bank Account for a Direct Deposit, Details for Cheque). 

What is the Admin Charges when using the Gevme Pay?

Contact our Sales Team at sales@gevme.com and share with us your usage for the best proposal.

How to refund with Gevme Pay?

1. A refund transaction will have to be created by the Event Organiser under Order

2.To inform Gevme Finance on the Refund via Email

3.Gevme will verify, approve the refund and it will be processed by Gevme's Finance team. 

Refund a buyer

- Go to Order, select the Order that you wish to take action

- Order Details is where you will perform the Refund

In this example, the amount is fully paid using Gevme Pay; and you wish to refund $200 to the attendee. 

- Click on the Transaction button in the toolbar, then select Refund in the dropdown:

- This will open up the New Transaction - Refund popup:

1. Date
This is today's date when you initiate the refund.

2. Type
This is the method by which you intend to refund the participant.
It is important that you select GEVME Payment Gateway so that Gevme's Finance is notified. 

3. Amount

Subject to your Tax set-up, you can fill in the relevant amount. 

4. Description

Add some information for your own record here (this is optional). For example, the reason of this refund. It is your administration purpose. 

5. Printout Note

This option allows you to specify a note which will be shown on the transaction printout. This also is optional.

6. Create a matching credit transaction

Keep the “Create a matching Credit transaction” box checked to offset the refunded amount from your account balance.

7. Submit

To confirm the refund transaction, click on the Submit button.

Verify the Refund Submission

1. There is a Refund Record

2. There is a Credit Record

3. The Refund Record shows 'Pending Approval' status
4. The Payment Status is Completed and Amount is 0.00 (This is applied for a full refund. For Partial Refund, you will see the balanced amount of the order.)

If you require an assistance on this step, please feel free to contact our Gevme Support at cs.reg@gevme.com

Contact Gevme Finance

Once the refund is submitted well in Gevme, you may contact Gevme Finance Team with the Event ID and Order ID; and instruct us to process the Refund.