It has been an increasing trend that most mailers are deploying enhanced layer of security for email content to be checked thoroughly before reaching the recipients. 

The email undergoes automated scanning for:

- Viruses

- Malware

- Spam

- Evaluation of Links and Attachments

- etc....

During this scan, the email scanners invoke URLs for verification, essentially acting on behalf of recipients if Email Link scanning is enabled on the Recipient's Mailer.

Consequently, this could lead to automated submissions or the full utilization of promotional codes via a registration link, impacting the registration process.

About the Feature

In response to this need, a feature has been developed to safeguard the integrity of the registration process. This tool assists organisers in preventing URL invocations by bots, thereby ensuring that the intended recipient takes the necessary action.

Under Forms, there is an option "Protect URL invocations". It is enabled by default.

- Organisers have the flexibility to disable or re-enable it as needed.

- CTA Text is editable. It is limited to 50 characters for optimal display.

The Outcome

In this proactive measure, the protective measure is exclusively applied to direct purchases or specific invitation links. Accessing these registration links, registrants will encounter a pop-up where they can click on the designated CTA button to proceed with the registration process.

**This is not applied to the Registration Landing Page.

Use Cases

A. Event with Promo Code's quantity = 1

Set-UpPossible OutcomesSolution
Promo Code Quantity = 1

The email scanner invokes the URL and utilise the only 1 registration slot that is offered to the email recipient.

Once the recipient received the email, the promo code is marked "Fully Utilized"
Protect URL Invocations

B. RSVP Event with No Form deactivated [Enhancement in Progress - coming in July 2024]

Set-UpPossible OutcomesSolution
RSVP No Form is not enabled

There are 2 buttons presented in the Invitation Email

The email scanner invokes the RSVP No button during the scanning.

Your invite has not reached the invitee's mailbox; but RSVP No is submitted; and the invitee receives the RSVP No's Confirmation Email.
Protect URL Invocations

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