Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Anonymisation

Personally identifiable information (PII) is any information connected to a specific individual that can be used to uncover that individual's identity, such as their passport number, full name, email address or phone number.

This feature allows users to mark a field as PII secured and enforce anonymisation on the selected fields.


1. Mask the PII Data

You may anonymise the data fully or partially.
Importance: Successful anonymisation is not reversible.

Original Data
(Passport Field)
Anonymised DataFormat
B1234567B123####Keep the first 4 characters, and replace all other characters with "#"
B1234567B1****67Keep the first and the last 2 characters, and replace all other characters with "*"
B1234567PII###Replace the values fully with your preferred text

2. Encrypt the PII Data
While this encrypts the data, making it invisible in attendee grids and exported reports, Gevme retains the ability to read it for onsite check-in purposes only.
Importance: Successful encryption can be reversible.


Registration data is crucial for processing email confirmations, invoices, ticket issuances, and other integrations daily. By default, anonymisation of designated fields is enforced at 6 am (GMT+8) every day.

If you wish to request for private schedule for your own organisations, please reach out to for a quotation. 
For example: The anonymisation is initiated 1 month later after the event ends date.

Feature Enabling

Step 1: Identify the fields you wish to anonymise

These should be predefined fields to ensure consistency across different events/organizations.

Take note of the Fields Label and FieldName.

Step 2: Send the Request to Gevme

Contact us at to request activation of the PII feature. 

  • Provide a list of fields/field names you wish to apply
  • Specify the events or organizations where you want this feature activated.

For example: 

Subject: Request for PII feature activation for XXX

  • List of Fields to be applied:
Field LabelField Names in Gevme
Mobile Numbermobile
  • Database to apply: Attendee 
  • Anonymisation Format: _______________

Step 3: Request Confirmation
Since this is a data-related feature with irreversible anonymisation, Gevme will review your request and schedule a call to confirm requirements.

Once confirmed, a form will be shared with contract owners for endorsement prior to activation.