The Invitees module is where you start building the contact list of people whom you want to invite to your event.

Accessing the Invitees Module

To access the Invitees module:

1. Click on Invitees in the left-hand navigation:

2. This will open up the main Invitees screen which looks like this (if you do not have any invitees imported or created yet):

3. From this screen, you have the option to:

  1. Manually create an invitee.
  2. Import your invitees.
  3. Customise your invitees fields.

The Invitees Flow

The flow for using invitees in GEVME is as follows:

  1. Build your list of invitees by either:
    (1) Importing them from a file.
    (2) Importing them from Contacts within GEVME.
    (3) Importing them from Attendees or Invitees of other events from within GEVME.
    (4) Or by manually adding them in.
  2. Send them an invitation email with a CTA (Call-To-Acton) button to register.
  3. Invitees who then register by clicking on the CTA button in the email are then converted to attendees.

Unique Email in Invitees

It is recommended and very important to set the email address field to have unique values in the Invitees collection (by default it's already set this way). This ensures a proper propagation and syncing of data among the various collections. For more information on this topic, see the article Collections in GEVME.