Overview of Features

  1. Search
  2. Onsite Settings
  3. Support for Scanner
  4. Check In / Undo Check In
  5. Print
  6. Receiving Payment
  7. Onsite Registration
  8. Responsive View

1. Search

The search bar is utilised to search for names, emails and the names of tickets if needed. To extend the capabilities of the search function, personalizations can be inserted on the sub-search line (click here to learn more) on the ‘On Site’ settings page.

These new fields would then be shown below the attendees’ name.

Shown above, a personalization has been added. In this case, we are using the ticket number. Thus, the ticket number is now seen below the attendee’s name and is searchable.

Based on the 'Who can Check In?' setting, attendees with the selected Order Status will be allowed to check in.

When checking in attendees with the unselected Order Status, the following error messages are displayed:

Kiosk mode
Rocket mode

2. On Site Settings

The On Site settings button located at the top-right corner enables certain functions such as connecting to a printer and making full use of scanners. More on this further below.

3. Support for Scanner

Scanners can be used in conjunction with the web check-in feature. Do ensure that the scanners are properly installed first. Refer to your scanner’s manual for instructions. We recommend using a 2D scanner as it is able to scan both Barcodes and QR codes.

To fully utilize the scanner’s capabilities, head over to the ‘On Site Settings’ and check the “Check in attendee if search criteria returns one result” option.

Additionally, if printing is required after an attendee checks in, check the “Submit print job after user checked in” option.

Click on the search bar and begin scanning the QR code. Because the QR code holds the unique ticket number for each attendee, you should see only one result.

As there is only one result, the system will automatically check in and print.

4. Check In / Undo Check In 

Check in an attendee by simply clicking on the ‘Check In’ button. The button will now turn into an ‘Undo Check In’ button. Click on this button if you need to undo the check in.

Note: 'Undo Check In' will be available only if the User Role has the permission enabled to undo the check in.

5. Print 

If printing is required. Do ensure that the printer is properly installed. Refer to your printer’s manual for instructions. Also ensure that you have a stable internet connection.

Once that is done, you will need to launch the Print Server (execution file).

Head over to the ‘On Site’ settings found in the Web Check-In portal.

Select the print template you will be using. Adding print template is done on the GEVME backend at the ‘On Site’ page.

Type in “localhost” on the Print Server Address and click on ‘Fetch Printers’. After fetching the printer, a list of printers will be populated below. Select the printer you need.

The printers available can also be seen at: 

Control Panel → Hardware and Sound → Devices and Printers (for Windows)

6. Receiving Payment

To receive payment, click on the ‘Receive payment’ button.

You will then be presented with a pop-up:

Select / Fill in the necessary details and receive payment. Doing so will change the order status (Pending Payment / Partial Payment) to ‘Completed’.

7. Onsite Registration

When toggled ON, a new register button will appear beside the search button. This feature makes it easy to create new registrations when needed.

When clicked, based on the ‘On Site’ settings, the available tickets will appear.

Select the quantity you need and confirm by clicking on the yellow button (‘Buy’). You would then be shown the Registration Form.

If only one type of ticket is allowed to register from here and the minimum and maximum quantity is set as 1 for this ticket type, the screen above will be skipped and you’ll be shown the Registration Form directly.

To set the minimum and maximum quantity, head over to the ‘Ticket’ page found on the backend (GEVME). 

Click on ‘More details’ and set the minimum and maximum quantity to 1. If you would like to restrict all ticket types to 1, simply click on the ‘Restrict users to register/purchase 1 ticket type only’ check box.

8. Responsive View

The Web check-in feature is also optimised for mobile devices.

If printing is required, please be advised that the device must be paired with a laptop (via print server); instead of using ‘localhost’, use the print server’s IP address.

Right click on the print server’s icon on the task bar (bottom right of windows) and select ‘Settings”. In this example, the IP you should use on your mobile device is:

If checking in attendees’ is all you need on the other hand, all you need is a stable internet connection.