When a completely new event is created, the Attendee Module will show: New - Import - Export function.  

However, please note: 

  • Importing of Attendee List is possible ONLY on RSVP Events and for non-paying events. 
  • There is NO option to import Attendee for events, where:
    - Ticket has a price
    - Merchandise & inventories with price and/or quantity
    - Promo code applying a discount
  • Importing will override the system check (i.e. ticket capacity check, merchandise capacity check,...)
  • Other validations setup on the fields will not be considered during the import.
  • When importing, no order is created; hence the status is Blank.

Following below steps to start importing Attendee: 

Step 1. In GEVME backend, choose Attendees under Manage. 

Click "Import", a box “Import Records” will show up. 

Step 2: In "Import Records", click on "Download a sample template CSV file"


Step 3: Open the sample CSV file, fill in the necessary information based on the available column. This Sample CSV file consists of the available fields of the Attendee Form. 

- If you don't have all the information, leave it blank. Do not delete columns, as the system will not be able to detect the file due to missing columns. 

Step 4: Re-upload that CSV file back to import the Attendee list.  After importing, the Attendees will appear. 

The importing is finished.