Q: After uploading the image through email builder, my image came out small and unclear, any other option for the image to look clearer? 

A: In email builder, you can upload image through one of these options 

However, the image uploaded through "Image" option will be automatically resized and quality may be reduced. 

Here is another option for you to upload image with its original size, then you can adjust it afterwards. 

Step 1: In Email Builder, click on “Add Content Here” 

Choose Text

Step 2: Choose to upload image 

Drag and drop the .png picture in here:

For the image, aside from size to be less than 2mb, the dimension should also be 550px width, or less than 1000px width. If more than this, the loading won’t be complete. 

Step 3: Edit image dimension to fit into the email template by choosing and double-clicking the image you just upload, the Image Properties box will show up: 

Step 4: Make sure the lock icon remain “locked”

-Width to be 550, height will adjust itself

-Click OK

This way your image within the email will not become small and blurry or pixelated.